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Want to see what is new in VB6?

Most of the information below is from the book "Doing Objects in Visual Basic 6" by Deborah Kurata (SAMS).

Known Bugs/Issues

There have been some reported bugs and issues with VB6. Click here for a list of them.

Microsoft has also announced VB6/SP6. For information on that release, see:

New Database Features: Tools and Binding

Visual Basic 6 provides some very nice new database tools and technologies:

New Web Features: Building Web Applications with VB

Visual Basic 6 provides the tools for developing client-side or server-side Web applications:

New Object-Oriented Features: More Reasons to Go OO

Several new Visual Basic 6 features are specifically for the design and development of object-oriented applications:

New IDE Features

The Visual Basic 6 integrated development environment (IDE) is very similar to the VB 5 IDE. There are just a few more tools:

Other New Features: An Assortment of Enhancements

Here are some other new features that are important to mention:

Compatibility issues

There are some issues with running VB6 with VB5. Specifically with the following components:

What's Not There?

And last but not least, what isn't there is often of importance:

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